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Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy EDP

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Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy EDP

Britney Spears fragrance line is the most successful celebrity brand today. Since 2004 Britney has released a collection of 10 unique fragrances. Her line is very popular among young women and it is characterized as fun, youthfu and flirty.

Launched in: 2006
Notes: Black cherry, plum, musk and vanilla
Capacity: 100ml

Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy EDP

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Midnight Fantasy is the latest Britney Spears fragrance and is night time version of the first Britney Spears Fantasy perfume. This one is packaged in the same container as the original with the difference being that this one is a dark blue as opposed to the bright red of the original. Hidden Fantasy’s notes consist of, black cherries, plum, vanilla, framboise, iris, freesia, amber, orchid and musk. You might expect the midnight version of the original to come off smelling a little darker and richer than the original, perhaps a little more sexy and mysterious. This is not what you get sadly. Sweet berries that smell uncannily like grape flavored Kool-Aid are the first thing your nose encounters, not boding very well for this fragrance’s midnight credentials. These thankfully fade rather quickly and are replaced by quite a standard floral arrangement in the middle that morphs into a vague velvet that I found to be rather unconvincing. It is not dark or midnight-like in the slightest, neither is it rich or mysterious. This one is your absolutely typical teen scent and doesn’t earn its name as a night fragrance in any scent of the word, unless it’s a midnight pyjama party that is