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Cartier Declaration EDT UNISEX

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Cartier Declaration EDT UNISEX

Cartier has been a well known design house for more than 150-years, but it wasn't until the 1980s that Cartier developed its own perfume line. Luxurious fragrances with high-end bottles complement just about anyone. Imagination, craft, audacity and inventiveness are the creative force in Cartier's designs.

Launched in: 2001
For: Unisex
Notes: Bergamot, Bitter Orange, Birch, Oak, Moroccan Artemisia, Cardamom, Musk, Vetiver, Oak
Volume: 100 ML
Weight: 0.330 Kg
Type of Perfume: Eau De Toilette

Cartier Declaration Eau de Toilette UNISEX 100 ML

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Cartier Déclaration was launched back in 1998 after being created by the perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena. Ellena’s goal with this fragrance was to keep things very simple and minimal whilst not sacrificing depth to simplicity. It is a fascinating creation and one in which I believe Ellena succeeded masterfully in his goals. Declaration is a dry scent, it opens fresh with a boisterous herby accord which is added to by the spicy notes of cumin and cardamom in the center and poised over a sheer base of cedarwood. It moves and creates the space for each individual note to rise and develop and the movement is not provided, as it is in so many men’s fragrances, by watery or ozone notes. The closest this scent gets to becoming watery is the herbaceous opening which is too sheer to be mistaken for a green fluid note. Its dryness is its backbone and the smoky woods that make up its base inform the character of the rest of the scent. Also, in addition to this the woods in the base are allowed to speak for themselves, without the addition of musk that would have been tempting to make but ultimately would have muddied the composition. It is a truly elegant composition, dry woody and elemental in feel, it exudes a sense of class and is a unique and distinctive scent. Hard to believe that such a sparse collection of notes can have such a rich effect. Definitely one of my favorite colognes for men