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Estee Lauder White Linen EDP

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Estee Lauder White Linen EDP

Estee Lauder is an American cosmetic and perfume company established in 1946. Today, Estee Lauder has a worldwide presence and offers a range of high-end products for men and women.

Launched in:
For: Women
Notes: Hyacinth, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Aldehydes, Iris, Lilac, Rose, Violet, Pimento, Vetiver, Oakmoss and Amber.
60 ML
Type of Perfume: Eau de Parfum

Estee Lauder White Linen Eau de Parfum 60ML

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Pure White Linen is Estee Lauder’s new reworking of the classic 70′s scent White Linen. Already it is being hailed as the perfume you can live in all year round. The notes include mandarin, grapefruit, iced rose tea, pear, raspberry, granny smith apples, dewy greens, white freesia, lily,white ginger, red tulips, cardamom, rose absolute, honeysuckle, tuberose, gardenia, jasmine, osmanthus, white cedarwood, iris, patchouli and white heliotrope. The scent opens with a burst of grapefruit and pear that is paired with white florals right from the get go. As this introduction begins to settle down you start to recall what the original White Linen scent was all about. The heart notes of rose waft up from your skin blending beautifully with more subdued green leaf notes, then comes a powdery heliotrope mixing itself in wonderfully, the whole arrangement keeping the slightest suggestion of the fruits that came before. The base is an even more toned-down affair, at this point honeysuckle and lily make their appearance and are melded with a touch more heliotrope. The second floral bouquet in the lower end is more bitter than the first, bringing to mind almonds and coming in just as your own natural scents start to synergize with this great scent. This reworking is much more youthful than the version from the 70′s and is devoid of the aldehydes that seem to have fallen somewhat out of favor of late. Still, it’s a wonderful fragrance and an expert reworking of a true classic