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Jean Paul Gaultier 2 EDP Spray

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Jean Paul Gaultier 2 EDP Spray

In addition to Jean Paul Gaultier's popular fashion wear, his line of perfumes, first launched in 1993, is also highly successful. He creates fragrances much like his fashion wear, consistently enhancing the power of seduction with elegance.

Launched in: 2005
For: Unisex
Notes: Ambergris, musk and vanilla
Volume: 120 ML
Weight: 0.320 Kg
Type of Perfume: Eau de Parfum

Jean Paul Gaultier 2 Eau de Parfum Spray 120ML

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Gaultier 2 was developed by Kurkdjian, Gaultier 2 and was Jean Paul Gaultier’s first foray into unisex fragrances. This fregrance is all about the ambergris, the vanilla and the musk. Gaultier is said to have wanted Gaultier 2 to work differently from the traditional top, middle and base development that fragrances then to have. Even so, I still find that it can’t help but fit that tried and tested mold and does have a discernible top, middle and bottom type structure .Perhaps rather counter intuitively Gaultier 2 kicks off with vanilla, muck and the reassuring warmth of amber, these initial notes are then permeated with increasingly sweet florals that have the effect of adding more and more complexity to the scent as it develops. The original Gaultier Classique seems hidden in between the notes of Gaultier 2 and finds a way to re-emerge here and there momentarily as Gaultier 2 works its magic. There is also an intriguing bubblegum like sweetness to this fragrance that perhaps might have spoiled a lesser scent but in this case works phenomenally well to tie everything together and liven up the experience. As I’ve already mentioned it can’t help but to be linear, in other words you’re not hit by everything at once, but it doesn’t develop as noticeably as other more traditional fragrances do. The changes are much more like a rearranging of priorities rather than a true move from one olfactory area to another. The sweetness is toned down and the musk and amber is turned up. The vanilla, in turn, becomes more creamy as this happens and the whole thing just shifts and shimmers all the way through. This is a very unique scent, quite rich, very smooth and with a delightfully velvet finish that you can almost reach out and touch.One of my all-time favorite unisex scents