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Nina Ricci Nina Edt Spray 80ml 2.7oz

Nina Ricci 'Nina' EDT Spray

Enter the whimsical world of Nina Ricci with Nina Eau de Toilette. As if out of a fairytale, this enchanting fragrance has a pure, sweet scent that highlights every woman's natural femininity. This tempting fragrance has a dynamic mix of citrus, floral and woodsy scents combined with sweet caramelized notes.

Nina Ricci Nina Eau de Toilette comes in a crisp apple shaped bottle that compliments the sweet scent stored within. Be the lead in your own fairytale with Nina Ricci Nina Eau de Toilette; a captivating fragrance that radiates the sweet and seductive qualities of today's modern heroine.

For: Women
Notes: Lime caipirinha, calabrese lemon, red toffee apple, moonflower, peony petals, white cedar, apple tree wood and musk.
Volume: 80ml
Weight: 0.280 Kg

Nina Ricci Nina Edt Spray 80ml 2.7oz

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Nina is just one in a line of ever-popular, always in use, always wafting by you on a city street, fragrances that never seem to go out of style. Also, much like the other fragrances it resembles, all owe something to Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue, which was one of the most ground breaking scents in the past decade or so. Nina has all the same leanings, the dry amber-infused notes, bubbly apple and citrus at the top and most importantly a focus on everything and anything dry (at the beginning at least. Where Nina strays from this formulation is in rather than leaving everything on a dry note, Nina introduces sweets, hoping, I suppose to give the scent an overall more feminine feel since the drier scents are ordinarily associated with more masculine fragrances. In doing this however Nina steps out of the mold of a scent like Light Blue and into more gourmand territory that it also doesn’t fit perfectly. Somehow the sweetness in Nina is a little too obvious and not subtle enough. It is also a little cloying if you ask me. But if its popularity is anything to go by then buyers love the contrast of the dry and the sweet. Its lasting power and sillage are quite good so apply sparingly, especially on those hot summer days.