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Nina Ricci Premier Jour EDP

Nina Ricci Premier Jour EDP

Introduced in 2001 by Nina Ricci, Premier Jour is a fragrance for the modern refined woman which reveals the subtlest hint of sensual femininity. A bright, luminous departure, Premier Jour blends the freshness of yellow mandarin, with the radiance of gardenia morning dew - a sensual, floral harmony.

For: Women
Notes: Mandarin, gardenia, sweet pea, orchid, vanilla and musk.
Volume: 100 ML
Type: Eau de Parfum

Nina Ricci Premier Jour Eau de Parfum 100ML

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Nina Ricci’s Premier Jour was releases in 2001 as a perfume for the the modern woman confident and refined, successful in a man’s world but also brimming with a tightly contained femininity. Whatever that might mean to a smell. Premier Jour is bright bubbly and effervescent, it has been blended to perfection with zingy notes of mandarin and the reassuring creaminess of gardenia. Classified as a floral oriental is opens with sweet citrus, then calms as the floral heart starts to come into bloom and from then on in just seems to grow and grow in complexity as the different flowers synergize and spices start to enter the equation. It is by turns soft and spicy, sweet warm and woody. This boisterous scent is definitely best used during the day where it will lend a significant bounce to your step. It is one of those fragrances that is bound to get you noticed due to how rich and complex it smells. Very distinguishable, not overwhelming but not shy and retiring either. This is just one of those rare perfectly balanced floral orientals that come along every now and again and make you question what you thought was your favorite floral oriental. I’ve been spraying this one for years and it is always in regular rotation. Try it on for yourselves