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Trussardi Essenza Del Tempo EDT Spray

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Trussardi Essenza Del Tempo EDT Spray

Originally launched in 1911 as a luxury glove maker, the Milan-based Trussardi Group is one of today's leading fashion houses.

Launched in: 2008
For: Unisex
Notes: Bergamot, amber, carrot seeds, ginger, flower petals, iris, coffee beans, balsamic vinegar and Virginia cedar.
Volume: 125 ML
Type: Eau de Toilette

Trussardi Essenza Del Tempo Eau de Toilette Spray 125ML

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From Trussardi comes Essenza del Tempo, a new perfume designed to evoke the most precious luxury that we have nowadays, time. The fragrance has been inspired by the mediterranean leisurely pace of life, more specifically Italy where people know how to take time out and spend it on what really matters. The fragrance has been formulated by perfumer Sophie Labbé, is packaged in a Thierry de Baschmakoff bottle complete with a leather strap that ties in with Trussardi’s traditional products.The notes that go into it are as follows: ginger, bergamot, coffee, carrot seed, balsamic vinegar, iris, amber and cedar. Essenza del Tempo opens with a strong bergamot, amber, carrot seed and ginger accord. Even in these fleeting top notes it is delightfully foody and complex, like an age-old recipe handed down. In the middle section of the scent’s development you get a lovely arrangement of florals consisting primarily of iris and other indistinct flowers. The base returns to the foodiness that this fragrance is all about with balsamic vinegar, coffee beans, and a delightful Virginia cedar. Essenza del Tempo is a wonderful fragrance, distinctly woody and powdery in composition, it develops at a languid and leisurely pace, each note given its time to shine, and each adding to the complexity of the arrangement. It is different, mixing notes you wouldn’t think to look for in one place, my favorite is the balsamic and coffee accord in the base that is just so luxurious but at the same time, fresh and easy on the palate. It is a unique scent that has to be tried to be believed. Definitely one for the “to test” list.