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Trussardi Inside For Men EDT

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Trussardi Inside For Men EDT

Originally launched in 1911 as a luxury glove maker, the Milan-based Trussardi Group is one of today's leading fashion houses.

Launched in: 2006
For: Men
Notes: Bergamot, basil, Japanese citrus fruit Yuzu, coffee, white pepper, tobacco leaf, teak wood, cashmere wood and musk.
Volume: 100 ML
Type:  Eau de Toilette

Trussardi Inside For Men Eau de Toilette 100ML

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Trussardi Inside for men was created as a flanker for Trussardi Inside for Women by perfumer Nathalie Lorson in 2006 and is a radical rethinking of the classic three tier fragrance pyramid that most scents conform to. Applying Trussardi Inside for Men to your skin is to immediately be ushered into this unique fragrance’s heart without so much as a fresh citrus note to prepare you for the journey. What you get as soon as you apply Trussardi Inside for Men is a lovely gently woody fragrance that it laced here and there with enigmatic accords of coffee and spice. This holds for a while as the fragrance develops and wafts always from the pepper gradually warming the experience and the coffee becoming richer and more flavorsome. The first hint that this fragrance is beginning to dry down is when the note of pepper begins slowly to recede into the background and is replaced by a great tobacco note that gently saunters in and subtly changes all the relationships between each note. This is the point at which the fragrance starts to become more sexy and masculine. The more that time passes the more graceful and self-assured this fragrance gets. It is quite minimal, and as I have already outlined, doesn’t develop all that much. It’s real trick is making such complexity out of such relative simplicity. I just adore how poised and confident this thing smells without being overpowering or overly-busy. It just exudes a sense of quiet confidence that is quite literally infectious.