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Trussardi Inside For Women EDP

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Trussardi Inside For Women EDP

Originally launched in 1911 as a luxury glove maker, the Milan-based Trussardi Group is one of today's leading fashion houses.

Launched in: 2006
For: Women
Notes: Bergamot, nut leaf, rose-bay, coffee, freesia, heliotrope, teak, amber and musk.
Volume: 100 ML
Eau de Parfum

Trussardi Inside For Women Eau de Parfum 100ML

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This is the second of Trussardi’s recent skin-synergizing fragrance releases and it takes an altogether different tact to the one that came before. Inside is all about bringing out the natural aromas of each and every wearer’s skin type, in that way what is inside may be brought out and allowed to shine. The original Skin seemed to impose fragrance from the outside so Trussardi’s new scent Inside sounds like it could be a very interesting fragrance. Strangely enough Inside opens with strong aroma of woods, something ordinarily saved for the base of a scent. This opening woody accord is sweet and caramelised but without being overwhelming and as it dries on the skin you get a distinct hint of suede, which is not present in the list of notes for this fragrance. This unorthodox opening is short lived and the woods and caramel seem to quieten down after a while, leaving only a hint of the head notes and blending this with a deliciously bittersweet oleander. As this too dies down the woods make a second appearance and are paired with a gentle note of coffee in the middle. From the middle of the scent’s development and onwards powder seems to play an increasingly important role, rising every now and then in a sweet haze to keep the scent’s other more powerful notes in check. As the base notes begin to enter you realise that powder is what it is all about, as the dry-down completes all you are left with is a powdered musk and traces of the woods that came before. This is a delightful skin scent, not everyone’s cup of tea, no doubt, but a very well put together skin scent that does wonders with so little. It is also quite unexpectedly sexy and definitely requires a test run before purchasing as it will obviously work differently on different skins.