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Versace Crystal Noir EDT Spray

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Versace Crystal Noir EDT Spray

Versace is an Italian fashion label founded by Gianni Versace in 1978. His sister, Donatella, launched her fragrance, Versace Woman in 2001. The Versace perfume lines of Crystal, Jeans, and others exude the mastery of the Versace siblings' (Santo, Gianni and Donatella) vibrant and lively approach, a brand with cult status and luxury.

Launched in: 2004
For: Women
Notes: A sensual yet sweet blend of gardenia, peony, amber, sandalwood, orange blossom will make any woman feel elegant.
Volume: 90 ML
Weight: 0.1 Kg
Type: Eau de Toilette

Versace Crystal Noir Eau de Toilette Spray 90ML

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Versace’s new Crystal Noir, released without making almost any advertising fuss, is classified as a floral oriental fragrance, but this one is as dark as they come. The list of notes have proven elusive, even Versace’s own web page does not list them but using my nose on this one I can inform you that gardenia and peony feature strongly from the beginning, amber is in there as well, and also a blend of dry musks. Even though you might expect Crystal Noir to center around the floral notes of peony and gardenia, they seem to take a back seat in the composition of Crystal Noir to darker, amber scented musks that dominate the space. That’s what you should expect from Crystal Noir, it is bold, thick, extremely sensuous and its also quite strong. Crystal Noir is sultry and sexy, mysterious and dark, whilst also being deliciously warm, it is one of those fragrances that make you feel sexy the moment you splash them on. Probably better suited to night rather than daytime wear but then again I find myself transgressing this unwritten rule quite often as I just love this scent so much I always want to be wearing it. The lasting power is amazing and the sillage is also very impressive but it is not a stifling or overpowering scent. It is strong, it is also dark, but at no point will you ever wish you applied slightly less. That’s exactly how a great noir scent should make you feel in my opinion